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Carol Hudak

How my CD, "I Believe" came to be made.

I was an in-prison volunteer with "Prison Fellowship." Chuck Colson, hatchet man to former President Richard Nixon, was involved in Watergate; found guilty and sent to Federal prison.  During this time, Chuck Colson had a serious conversion to Jesus Christ,  and would later call these years of imprisonment possibly the best thing that had ever happened to him. Coming face to face with his life - and the life of Jesus the Christ - he took a strong, honest look at himself and his worldly career of political power and found being "born again" and a life serving others through Jesus Christ, to be far superior to anything the world could ever offer.

After he had served his time, he devoted himself to ministering to inmates and their families. His fall from worldly power and his conversion to Jesus the Christ would birth a world-wide ministry called "Prison Fellowship."  After he was released from prison he spent the rest of his life in prisons all over the United States and the world.


Being an intense person, I was drawn to in-prison ministry. I believe I was "born again" myself at 13 when I was confirmed. For 3 days following my confirmation, I felt changed . . . something significant had happened to me during my confirmation, but I didn't know what it was. I told no one, as I did not want to risk having something so extraordinary be possibly misunderstood. When I was 38, I was told the guilt and pain of my life could be erased by Christ. That sure sounded good to me, so I knelt before the childhood crucifix in my bedroom and gave my life to Christ, or "accepted" Christ as some might call it. Then I learned about "Prison Fellowship."

I was nervous about going inside a prison. I was certain I would never come out alive! I wrestled inside myself late into the night until I said, "I give up. I will call Prison Fellowship in the morning and offer to volunteer." Funny, I immediately fell into a peaceful sleep. The next day, I kept my promise.


As it happened, Prison Fellowship would be having a weekend seminar at Danbury F.C.I. in two weeks. I was required to meet with the prison chaplain and be interviewed. I will never forget that meeting. This man told me the most gruesome stories he could think up. Then he said, "would you like to attend a prayer meeting right now?" Inside I was screaming "NO!! Let me out of here!" But I knew I must go. I did, and I was hooked. There's so much more to say - but as a professional singer, I would sing at the PF prison seminars. One inmate, "Gator," took me aside and asked me to please make a recording. I did. "I Believe" is a professionally recorded C.D. I consider this C.D. to be one of the finest achievements of my life. Channel 13 award winning accompanist, Joe Bousard, honored me and our collaboration by calling it "one of the Artistic Highlights of his professional life."  It was recorded from my heart - to yours. I hope you are uplifted and comforted by it.  Ironically, Gator left Danbury before "I Believe" was finished and has never heard it.

Side One:   He Touched Me                       Side Two:  Amazing Grace    
                    I Want Jesus to Walk with Me                   I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
                    He                                                                 Balm in Gilead
                    My Tribute                                                   Battle Hymn of the Republic
                    I Believe                                                       The Lord's Prayer