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How my CD, "I Believe," came to be made!

Gov. Signs Access Bill!


I listened to your CD - "I Believe" and I am blown away by your voice!  The music is so healing!  You are blessed with your gift!

- Anna Maria Kerkes


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Carol Hudak's books and writings are compelling and heartfelt.  She takes the reader on a journey like no other author!  Thank you Carol for bravely writing about life's painful and difficult lessons!

- Claire Silva, Author of A Child's Heart Speaks

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Gustav Mahler's vocal symphonies have had a great influence on Carol's writings.  

Mahler's influence

  • Healing the Adopted Adult
  • Do I Belong To You?
  • I Believe - CD
  • "Mother's Day"

Carol's books, writings, and CDs

CT Magazine article August 2013 by Sandi Kahn Shelton